A transnational educational organisation that has revolutionised the way English is being taught. Applying our unique learning model – S.L.E (Strategic Language Enhancement), we have devised an ingenious way to impart English language skills in the form of 15 rounds of SpellBee International Competition

Based on our team’s 25 years of research and success of our recommended policies in hundreds of schools, colleges in India and other developing countries, SpellBee International has equipped, tested and certified 5,50,000+ students.

Contestants, apart from learning the spellings of 1000 words, they also learn their forms, correct pronunciation, meanings, other related forms (inflections and derivations), word combinations (collocations), synonyms, antonyms and word usage in sentences ensuring the holistic understanding and application of the words learned.

The contestants are also introduced to Etymology (through root words), Phonology, Reading Comprehension (historically important and famous letters, poems, news articles, dialogues, product label, etc.), Crossword, Idioms, Phrases, Presenting an Argument and the wondrous world of books through literature based GK.

SpellBee International prepares students not just for exams; but for their academic and career success. An expansive vocabulary in English guarantees a superior understanding of other subjects too and creates access to ALL the world’s knowledge, helping the students ace exams like IELTS, TOEFL, UPSC, GRE, GMAT, CAT, etc., and even inspire them to author books and scholarly articles!

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