BrainTech Learning Centre – Global Online Education Services Provider for Young Kids, Housewives,  and Adults to Focus and excel in their Academic, and Skill development courses.

BrainTech Learning Centre(BrainTech), is established in 2003 as private tuition centre by Mrs. Roopa Manikandan , to provide individualized learning programs using state-of-art-materials and –based teaching strategies. Students who attend the BrainTech courses, have discovered their talent , and learning skills to achieve good academic results. Students learning is fostered by utilizing the individual student’s learning style in a safe and harmonious atmosphere.

The necessary trust between tutor and the student is addressed through a compassionate approach for all challenges a students may face. Strategically focusing upon a student’s skills, strength, and interests in every session, the student is inspired to be their best self and to produce their best at learning. Improved concentration levels will reflect in every aspect of curriculum. When this occurs on a regular basis, the students start to develop as a life time learner.

Lovable and caring environment with Emphasize on moral values.Emphasize on literacy skills most crucial for reading and writing.

Integrated Technology(computer, tab) Restricted batch size, that ensures individual attention and Active participation from the student.