Flying rainbow:

Flying Rainbow is an Art School with a difference. We at Flying Rainbow follow the “Rainbow Learning Model’ which provides holistic learning opprtunity for Children. We encourage children to go ‘Out of the Box’ and feed their inner child. This allows the mind to bring out the best to explore and experience through an excellent medium called ‘Art’.

Our School aims at empowering children by helping them create a niche for themselves in the world. They learn from us the tools, techniques and knowledge to create their own masterpieces by kindling their right brain activity. We are chosen by parents who do not like outdated, stereotyped art classes.Every child at Flying Rainbow gets individual attention wherein we follow an exclusive process to help children think creatively and bring their imagination to reality. The exclusively designed work books supports the learning and skill development by building upon each child’s strength. Our teaching pedagogy helps children discover their hidden potential, strengths & areas that need attention in a friendly environment. Most importantly, their personality traits get strengthened to a great extent.

The way we teach art helps them to come out of the mind blocks of children and really makes them believe that they are capable. The course also serves as a Therapy and helps building a life time hobby for the children. We strongly believe that Art is an integral part of every human being’s everyday life and the skill is nothing inferior than Reading and Writing. It has the power to transform and individual and enhance every bit of life to a vast extent.

Through our curriculum, teaching methods and teaching aids, we are on a mission to build a creative and colorful India!

  • We are Unique: It’s India’s first Art School offering a Unique Art curriculum to cultivate Creativity in the minds of children.
  • We develop Skills: A revolutionary Art school providing a Platform to enhance not just the Fine Art skills, but also Communication and Public Speaking Skills for Children through Art.
  • We are Affordable: A School which is affordable and flexible with relevant learning content.
  • We provide holistic Learning: Training children through Specially designed Art Work Books based on Levels with a foucs on Creativity Development, Traditional Art & Basics of Art.
  • We are Practical: We have created a Bridge between Academic Curriculum & Art

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